RDM+ Remote Desktop

RDM+ Remote Desktop 1.9.7

Control your Windows PC from a Blackberry handset


  • Performs a number of useful tasks remotely
  • Password protection
  • Map functions to the keys on your handheld device


  • Won't let you control all applications on your PC

Very good
With so much of our work and home activities based around our PC, it often feels that you're chained to the desk 24/7. Sometimes even while you're out and about you're probably itching to get home and check your emails or finish that Word document. Thanks to Remote Desktop for Mobiles you don't have to worry because the program lets you access your Windows desktop from wherever you are.

Basically, RDM + Remote Desktop can activate a new channel of communication between the two systems. In this way, you can interact with the Windows desktop, from your Blackberry device, starting or stopping services, viewing system resources, restarting or shutting down the machine remotely, among other possibilities.

To enable the connection, the program uses a BES meeting, BIS, TCP / IP or http. It supports password access, includes a system of encryption to protect transfers and has a number of options for rapid mapping functions on the keys of your device.

This software doesn't give you access to all the apps on your computer but ultimately, if you want to control the basic functions of your PC from your Blackberry, RDM + Remote Desktop is a sound choice.

Minor user interface bug fixes


  • Minor user interface bug fixes
RDM+ Remote Desktop


RDM+ Remote Desktop 1.9.7

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