GTA4 Theme

GTA4 Theme for Google Chrome 1.1

Give Chrome a taste of GTA 4


  • Nice colors
  • Fits well


  • Hard to read certain tab titles


Step right into the shoes of Niko Bellic in this Grand Theft Auto IV theme (GTA4 Theme) for Google Chrome.

If you're a fan of the 4th installment in Rockstar's epic GTA series, you're probably going to want a tast of it where you can get it. This is a fan-designed theme, so don't expect multi-million dollar graphics, but GTA4 Theme is still a great option - a shadowy figure stands by his car trunk down by the dock, bathed in the brilliant light of a vibrant sunset.

The only problem with GTA4 Theme, though, is that the lovely yellow glow makes it difficult to read certain tab headings. Seeing as how it's free and really simple to install however, just installing it and taking a look will be enough to tell if GTA4 Theme is for you.

If you can see your tabs, GTA4 Theme is a great fan-designed theme for Chrome.

GTA4 Theme


GTA4 Theme for Google Chrome 1.1

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