FreeNews Corporate for Blackberry

FreeNews Corporate for Blackberry 1.0.3

Up to the minute news and data on your Blackberry

FreeNews turns your phone into your own personal newspaper, weather station, sports announcer, and blog reader, all rolled into one. With FreeNews, you don't surf news websites, you get all the information you want in one place - a customizable homepage for your mobile phone.

FreeNews is an internet based service that quickly and efficiently puts only the latest information onto your mobile phone, making it available to you immediately.

FreeNews in short:

  • Automatically updates all your news, weather, stocks, sports, blogs and more on your mobile phone
  • Instantly get the full story for any article entirely within FreeNews
  • Dramatically faster than using your phone's browser
  • You choose what information you want
  • Elegant and fast interface
  • Customize font size, color and how your news is displayed

Use FreeNews to keep up to date on what is happening in your world while on the subway, waiting for a meeting, even on an airplane!

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FreeNews Corporate for Blackberry


FreeNews Corporate for Blackberry 1.0.3

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